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Adobe Premiere Pro

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Video editing software plays a very important role and function in the process of video production. Many professional video production companies and studios use a wide variety of video editing software to effectively edit and start the post-production process of every recorded video that serves an important purpose or function within the company. However, many of these programs cannot effectively provide the necessary tools and features that companies often look for, in which Adobe Premiere Pro effectively does providing its features and a means to the solutions in the world of video editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro was first launched to the market in 2003, where it was permanently part of the Adobe Creative Suite which has effectively remained part of the suite since it was launched to the market. This piece of software has gained its reputation and prestige not only for its impressive and user-friendly characteristics but also for its use by established broadcasters such as the BBC and other TV shows, as well as it use during the production of movies such as The Social Network and other popular featured films.

Due to the great advantage of video editing technologies that were developed during the 2000 to 2003 year periods, Adobe Premiere Pro was created in order to provide more advanced features that other video editing software were not providing when Premiere Pro was launched to market, effectively acquiring its name as Premiere Pro where the Pro differentiates from the versions that were released after 2003 compared to the only Premiere versions that were released before 2003. The latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro is CS6 which was launched on May 2012 and runs effectively on the operating systems of Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later versions.

Adobe Premiere Pro supports a very high dynamic and practical maximum resolution up to 10,240 x 8,192 and a maximum color processing speed of 32 bits in both scenarios where videos are edited using RGB or YUV colors. Premiere Pro also has several audio plugins that allow a superb video editing experience where sound mixing can be effectively done, as well as editing audio on specific real time settings.

The audio plugins also enable the ability to import or export certain types of video and audio file formats as well as codecs that can be used both on Mac OS and Windows, which gives an impressive results when the effects of audio mixing and having the entire library of audio file formats is available while working on the post production of any video.

Another impressive characteristic of Adobe Premiere Pro is its support of 3D video editing using specific 2D monitors and tools where the right adjustments for left and right eyes are manipulated. This feature allows the process of video editing for 3D video productions to be more enjoyable without having to undergo the painstaking tasks of converting the entire 3D video production to 2D when there are not enough resources or tools to be used. Other audio plugins, third-party downloadable features and plugins enhance the level at which Adobe Premiere Pro can be used without compromising its other features and level of quality.

The main workflow integration of Adobe Premiere Pro consists of three fundamental integrations that are the main distinctive factors of Premiere Pro against other video editing software. The first workflow integration is After Effects, which can be used to edit the motion graphics, as well as the process of filmmaking and television production when the entire work is ready and the final stages are the ones that need attention.

Apart from After Effects there is also the integration of the world famous Photoshop, which can effectively change any pictures, photos or moving images with pictures or vice versa. This feature in terms of integration is highly advanced since Photoshop and Premiere Pro are two distinct pieces of software that require the consistent knowledge of both to effectively manage them on an integration basis. However, both can be used to satisfy any preferences with regards to the integration features that are provided.

The last integration feature in Premiere Pro is Adobe Story and On Location, which precisely takes the script from Adobe Story and transfers it as footage to Adobe On Location. Users can then use Premiere Pro to match the speech recognition systems through specific audio characteristics by taking the metadata stored on Adobe Story and the audio from the script. These two processes within the same integration feature can make a very good DVD file format.

Some other noticeable features in Premiere Pro is the ability to oversee the entire video editing process through the multiple sequencing support, excellent and very high bit-depth rendering, color correctional tools, highly advanced sound mixing features and multi angular editing based on the position in which the video was recorded. Premiere Pro is also equipped with tools to make a DVD menu as well as Blu-ray disc authoring, facilitating the process of burning both disc formats with a simple manipulation of these given tools and features.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the ultimate video editing software that provides the most advanced and modern features that are expected at the moment of editing a very large video production. Premiere Pro has been created solely for that specific purpose, to edit large video productions that encompass a great attention to detail, errors and a wide number of issues. These can be then effectively solved with the software by following all the guidelines and features that have just been mentioned above.

It is highly recommended to try out Adobe Premiere Pro as well as the correspondent Adobe programs that enhance the level of productivity and time reduction in terms of video editing. Professional video editors can also use Premiere Pro to create excellent DVDs and Blu-ray discs that go beyond the preferences and expectations of each particular customer.

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